2019 Holy Song Composition Winners

We have completed the 3rd Cheon Il Guk Holy Song Competition. We received 88 songs from 13 nations in a variety of styles and languages. The four-member panel of judges actually came to a strong consensus as to what were the best songs. We thank all of those who submitted their songs.  

There will be other Holy Song Competitions in the future including a Holy Song contest in the months prior to the 2020 celebration of True Parents Birthday. We look forward to receiving more songs from our members at that time. 

For the 3rd Cheon Il Guk Holy Song Competition the eleven winning entries are as follows:

1st Prize

Ronald Futila (Congo): Hyo Jeong’s Heart


2nd Prizes

Matt Masashi Ishizuka & Jenny Hughes (USA): God is Love


Lin Yi Min (Taiwan): Father

3rd Prizes
Magloire Mukendi (Congo): It is My Dream
Mi Young Eaton (USA): Mother Dear

Rebecca Keiko Zinke (USA): You Must Give Life


Participation Awards
Philcob Suzuki Josol (Philippines): Light of the World
Lin Yi Min (Taiwan): The Words of Mother
2nd Generation (Solomon Islands): Three Testaments
Ikuo Yamada (Japan): The Light of Hyo Jeong
Laurence Baer (USA): Live in Love

Congratulations to all of the finalists!

David Eaton
Chairman, Hyo Jeong Cultural Committee for Music