Take part in the 3rd Annual Holy Song Composition Contest

[UPDATE] Additional Requirements & Deadline Extension

In oder to support our judges (American, Korean and Japanese) in their collaboration to pick this year’s winners, we are requesting the lyrics to be translated into the following languages before submission:

  1. English songs need to be translated into Korean 

  2. Korean songs need to be translated in English.

  3. Japanese songs need to be translated into English and Korean. 

We apologize for the additional request and understand that more time will be needed in order to prepare the translation of the song. Therefore, we will extend the application deadline to February 28th, 2019.

Thank you for your interest in the creation of holy songs for our worldwide movement.

Hyo Jeong Cultural Center / Music Subcommittee / Gapyeong, Korea, Yeunhee Chang
Tel. Korea: + 031-589-1762 | Calling from Abroad: ***-82-31-589-1762


Submit your original song to the 3rd Annual Cheon Il Guk Holy Song Composition Contest!

In accordance with True Parents’ instructions and as part of the providence centered on the culture of heart, True Mother’s Secretariat, the Department of Cultural Promotion, the Hyojeong Cultural Center and the Holy Song Compilation Committee would like to continue the creation of new holy songs that reflect the Cheon Il Guk era.

The Cheon Il Guk holy song composition contest aims to celebrate True Parents’ Birthday and Foundation Day 2019 as well as enrich the existing canon by adding new holy songs. This contest is open to all regions, members and anyone around the world who acknowledges being a citizen of Cheon Il Guk.

Through this competition, the Holy Song Compilation Committee at the Hyojeong Cultural Center will gather entries of new holy songs in praise of Heavenly Parent and True Parents and that manifest the values and significance of Cheon Il Guk—such as filial piety, true love, living for the sake of others, and “One Family under God.”

This will be an opportunity to reorganize the existing holy songs and to contribute to the development of our church music, starting with the collection of new pieces and through competition. FFWPU International HQ humbly requests the full support and participation of all members in this composition contest so that beautiful holy songs embodying the ideals of Heavenly Parent and True Parents can be compiled.

Please refer to the information below for more details.


  • New holy songs

  • Lyrics for holy songs

  • Musical arrangements


  • Contest to celebrate True Parents’ Birthday and the 6th anniversary of Foundation Day

  • Compile new holy songs that express the culture of heart and the values of Cheon Il Guk

  • Cultivate the spirit of True Parents’ culture of heart

  • Promote holy songs through creative musical initiatives focused on holy songs

  • Discover, recognize and help musically and artistically gifted members

When submitting

  • Theme: All themes in praise of Heavenly Parent and True Parents and align with the new era of Cheon Il Guk are acceptable.

  • Format: All formats suitable for holy songs and songs of praise and worship are acceptable.

  • Example: Worship songs (Hymns, Anthems, Gospel Songs, etc.), Workshop songs, Celebratory songs, Revival Songs, Children’s Song (Sunday School songs), etc.


Any registered member of FFWPU can participate.


  • Grand prize (1 winner): 3,000,000 won

  • Gold prize (2 winners): 2,000,000 won

  • Silver prize (3 winners): 1,000,000 won

  • Highly commended (5 winners): 700,000 won

Award Details

  • Prize and award plaque

  • Entry in the Cheon Il Guk holy song book

Submission Window

January 1, 2019 ~ February 28, 2019

Submission Materials

This procedure must be done correctly otherwise we will not accept applications, and each registrant must send in sheet music and MP3 or recording of the submitted song, it can be a simple recording on your cell phone.

  • Application form (mandatory; refer to attached document)

  • Music sheet (submit pdf)

  • Music file (MP3, m4a, etc.)

  • Video

Please use following nomenclature in ENGLISH (Type, Name of Country, Last Name, First Name, Title of Song):

  • Video_USA_Denver-John_Country-Roads (for video files)

  • MP3_USA_Denver-John_Country-Roads (for sound files)

  • Sheet_USA_Denver-John_Country-Roads (for sheet music)

  • APP_USA_Denver-John_Country-Roads (for application)

How to Submit

Send your application to your regional cultural department (Europe: kazuha@ffwpu-eu.org | USA: lhiguchi@unification.org) or directly to cigholysongcompetition@gmail.com. Type ‘CIG HS Competition, and sender’s name’ in the email subject line.

Announcement of Winners

An official announcement of the winners will be made in each region and each winner will be contacted personally.

Important Notice

Any material submitted for consideration may be added to the existing canon of holy songs. Copyright for all submitted material remains the property of the authors and composers, however authors and composers must agree to allow their winning entries to be used for any FFWPU purpose or activity; concerts, videos, songbooks and recordings without reservation.