Register for the Easter Art Camp Croatia 2019


Dear art-enthusiasts and supporters,

My name is Ji Suk Baek Tomas. I’m a professional painter living and working in Zagreb, Croatia.

2017 marked the kick-off of the Art Camp Croatia (ACC) and I’m very happy to be able to continue this project in 2019.

I’d like to invite you to this year’s Easter ACC19 where I’ll be offering drawing and painting lessons (with models). If you are thinking of applying for art school, this intensive course will help you be more competitive.

I’d like to pass on my knowledge and experience as a professional painter to the next generation of artists in hopes that they can learn from the experiences I’ve made over the years. My goal is to create a platform for our young artists to connect with and learn from each other, create and develop heavenly art and culture, and share it with the greater community.

Our internal focus and message for the duration of the camp will be “The family is the cornerstone for the development of our love and creativity.” Through healthy families we can become more successful and happy in our careers.

We will have guest speakers from different institutes who will be enriching the program with topics that show great insight into the world we live in and guidance for the difficulties and challenges young people face everyday.

I look forward to meeting you and enjoying each other’s creativity—a great gift from Heaven. Please feel free to reach out with any questions.

Yours Sincerely,

Ji Suk Baek Tomas | |


Dates: April 25–28, 2019
Location: Golobreska 1B, Zagreb, Peace Embassy
Participants: Ages 14–21, 2nd gen, their friends and selected 1st gen youth
Fee: €70,- (Includes basic art materials)


Email application form to
Deadline: April 15, 2019
A confirmation of your participation will be sent individually.


Ji Suk Baek Tomas
FFWPU National Leader in Croatia, Founder of ACC, Mag. Painter
+38 591 785 3301 (WhatsApp, Viber) |