Hyo Jeong Arts & Culture August 2018 Update

International Collaboration

The U.S. team and our department have teamed up and created an official Hyo Jeong Arts & Culture website (which you are visiting right now :)). You’ll find information about upcoming and past events, announcements, and resources related to the arts. We recently posted the winners of the 2nd annual Holy Song Composition Contest.


Art Camp Croatia

Check out the invitation for the upcoming Art Camp in Croatia. It starts on the 22nd of Sept and lasts until the 1st of Oct on the beautiful resort Island Rab. It’s the second time this camp is being held and led by Ji Suk Baek, a professional painter living in Croatia.

We’ll focus on topics such as:

  • Developing an Art Theory based on the Principle
  • Strengthening morals and ethics in the art world, and
  • Learning how to balance family, career, and mission life.

Besides the basic art program which includes painting, sketching, illustrating, and working with mosaics, we will be offering beach activities such as hiking, swimming and games.

We have a few scholarship opportunities for those needing additional support. So don’t be shy and send us your application by the 22nd of August.


We want to support YOUR cultural events

  • If you are in need of photography, film, entertainment or graphic design help, please reach out to us and we’ll do our best to connect you with our network of artists.
  • Also, let us know of any past or future cultural events so we can help promote and share them in our network to inspire others.