CARP Concert in Milan

By Emilio Asti

Music has the strength to be able to channel culture, and change people's hearts! This is why so many people have come together to attend and take part in this musical event.

Music, when played by artists with high ideals, has the power to raise the spirit. This also happened during a concert organized by CARP Italy on the evening of April 30th in Milan at the Basilica dei SS Nereo and Achilleo, the second highest church in Milan after the Duomo, which was attended by over 40 people.

The evening's program, skillfully presented by Godwin Chionna, was articulated in various moments, all pleasantly interesting. The musical performances were preceded by an introduction on CARP’s objectives and the main activities by Davide Chirulli and Valerio Tammiso, responsible for CARP in Italy, which allowed those present to better understand the vision of Mr. & Mrs. Moon.

Then, the concert began with two songs offered by Daniela Andreozzi, followed by a Turkish artist, Bilge Pirondini, who played two pieces with the flute. Robin and Martin Chionna then sang particularly significant famous motifs, whose words reached the audience’s hearts. A song like "Blowing in the wind," an unforgettable motif that bears a message of peace, performed by Valerio and Davide, offered several points for reflection.

The concert, which received considerable appreciation, ended with the Korean song "Saranghae," sung by all the young people in attendance. At the end Don Gianluigi Panzeri, provost of the Basilica, expressed his appreciation for the young artists as well as for their commitment to the creation of a world without conflicts, thanking also all the participants with the wish to continue to commit themselves to peace and overcoming barriers.

Renato and Vita Vallone, managers of the FFWPU in Milan, then wanted to offer a toast for peace, to which everyone enthusiastically joined, sharing the fervent desire for a better future based on absolute values centered on the ideal of the family, the school of love. Refreshments prepared by CARP offered a moment of sharing among all the participants, who thus had the opportunity to get to know each other and exchange views in a joyful and fraternal atmosphere.