Choral Project to promote the Reunification of North & South Korea

Heavenly Korea is hosting a rally on May 17, 2019 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the March 1st Movement. As a part of the program, the FFWPU Heavenly Korea HQ wants to create a choral video compilation to the song “Tongil” (Song of Unification) from over 100 nations to express everyone’s hope for the reunification of the Korean Peninsula. Let’s help them make that happen!


How it works

  1. Gather a group of at least 10 people.

  2. Choose a famous landmark in your nation.

  3. Wear your nation’s traditional attire or Korean traditional clothing (hanbok).

  4. Find your nation’s banner in the assets folder (use the attached design) and print the banner.

  5. Record the performance.

Video Content

  • Representative: "We are here in [nation] and want to see the reunification of North & South Korea!"

  • Sing “Tongil” (Song of Unification) in Korean. Refer to the attached video file for the lyrics. Use the music file without vocals for the recording.

  • All together: Shout "100th anniversary of the March First Movement: Eog-Mansei!" or "Reunification of North and South Korea! Sa-rang-hap-ni-da!" or something of that kind.

  • End with a cheer/applause and wave at the camera.


  • Film using a smartphone or an HD camera (HD 1920 x 1080).

  • Make sure the surrounding noises aren’t too noticeable (wind, cars, people, etc.).

  • You can be as creative as you like: You can use just one angle (group shot in front of landmark), or you can include some more dynamic and close-up shots as well.

Submit your video to by April 1, 2019. Thank you!

Take a look at the submissions!