CREATE - Film-making WS 2019

By Anthony Cook
12th to 18th July, Vienna, Austria

Building on the foundation of years of video filming and filmmaking in our movement in Europe the Hyojeong Arts & Culture department organised a filmmaking workshop in July in Vienna.

The CREATE - Film-making Workshop was attended by 7 enthusiasts in the realm of filmmaking. All participants had skills and experience in video and film that the highly experienced trainers could build on. It was also interesting to see that presenters would also sit and attend other presentations, which indicates a humility to learn and that even after years of experience one can always learn from others.

Participants arrived on Friday and were already given practical assignments to work on.

On Saturday morning Dr Balcomb spoke to the participants and staff on his wishes for a more professional use of film to promote the movement in Europe. From then on the programme was full with presentations on topics such as Dramaturgy for Filmmakers, A Directors Perspective, Film Case Studies, Post Production and Beyond and Painting with Light and Practical Lighting.

Sunday was a day spent on practical instruction on the use of camera, sound equipment and lighting. The instruction went deeply into the themes and the participants actually learnt how little they knew of filmmaking on the professional level.

Painting with light was particularly interesting along with learning how to pull focus in a filming situation.

Monday was shooting day. For the day the venue became a film set. Professional actors were brought in give the participants the experience of making a short film. Each participant could experience the roles of director, cameraman and sound boom operator and see that although videographers in our movement often work alone to create something on a higher level, teamwork is needed.

In conclusion the workshop surpassed the original ideas and concepts for it to give participants a very rounded and comprehensive introduction to professional filmmaking.