Japanese Cultural Afternoon in Düsseldorf

By Kazuha Canak

Universal Peace Federation Düsseldorf and the Hyo Jeong Arts & Culture Department collaborated in hosting the Japanese Cultural Afternoon at the Peace Embassy in Düsseldorf, Germany on November 10, 2018.

After a month’s worth of preparations, cleaning and refurbishing the embassy and distributing flyers around town, the event saw nearly 100 people attend which was a very new experience. The event was dedicated to the early October flood and tsunami victims in Indonesia. WEFA (Weltweiter Einsatz für Arme) gave a presentation during the event about their work in Indonesia and other regions and thankfully received 365€ that were collected during the event.

The afternoon was split into three parts: During part one, we offered several activities in different rooms: putting on a kimono, learning how to fold origami, trying to write traditional calligraphy, getting your portrait painted by Hirooki Hatori, a Japanese aspiring artist, and browsing through Japanese second-hand items for sale; all while enjoying Japanese tea and snacks.

For the second part everyone gathered in the main hall to listen to some Japanese musical performances. As a way to transition into the culinary part of the event, Anja and Sergio Brina, UPF Düsseldorf representatives, lead everyone into a blessing toast that celebrated peace and families.

The cultural afternoon concluded with catching up with friends and trying out traditional Japanese food like curry rice, yakisoba, and maki-sushi.