Gathering of Art & Mind 2019

Original Art, Speech, Song, and Video Contest, Bridgeport, CT, USA

Note: This year's contest will take place at 10AM on Easter Sunday, April 21st. Location TBD. Please save the date!

Artand Mind2019.jpg

Guidelines for Entries

  • Entries must address the topic: Hyojeong or Filial Heart

  • Definition of Filial Piety: A Confucianist term meaning the important virtue and primary duty of respect, obedience, and care for one's parents and elders.

    • Prompts to consider:

      • How do you experience love for your family and lineage?

      • What does filial piety look like to you in your life?

  • All ages and skill levels are welcome to submit entries. Judging will be based on age appropriate skill level.

  • Art pieces need to be in hand and Songs/ Speeches delivered at the time of judging.


Speech / Song Guidelines

  • Time limit: 4-5 minutes max

  • Topic should be clearly described

  • Speech should be memorized; Spoken entries should include a hard copy of the text

  • Judged on content / organization, delivery, and conviction / enthusiasm for your topic


Art Guidelines

  • All mediums accepted: 2D (Painting, illustration, mixed media, photography), 3D (sculpture), performance piece.

  • Artist statement needs to be included with the piece (the story behind the artwork).

  • Judged on presence of sincerity and thought; success of technique and choice of medium to communicate creator's intentions, representation of chosen theme and how well it is conveyed


Video Guidelines

  • Entries should be sent as a downloadable link included in email.

  • Time limit: Maximum 3 minutes in length

  • Topic should be clearly portrayed for the audience

  • Judged on overall content and video technique


Entries should be submitted no later than Sunday, April 14th, 2019 via email to and/ or in person to Pastor Mika Deshotel (