A Tribute to Hyo Jin Moon

Today marks the 11th anniversary of Hyo Jin Moon’s passing. Hyo Jin Moon, the eldest son of Father and Mother Moon, ascended to the spirit world while in Korea on March 17, 2008. Upon his ascension, Father and Mother Moon commended him into the spirit world with this calligraphy: He will open and liberate the deepest heaven and turn it into a flower garden as the lord who opens the gates of loyalty and filial piety.

To honor and celebrate the 11th Anniversary of his ascension, we’re releasing the concert video of the 2018 American Hyo Jin Moon Concert held on Saturday, May 26 at the Manhattan Center in New York City.

Get a glimpse of how his children connect to and sing with him live on stage:

1. 한마디 – One Word
Written in 2000 and one of 10,000 songs that Hyo Jin Moon wrote but never included in any of his albums. With exception to those who attended his live concert in Japan and Korea, many have never heard it. The original song title was “Promise,” because for Hyo Jin Moon, love was the promise. Performed by Hyo Jin Moon’s eldest son Shin Chul Moon.

2. 비의 노래 – Rain Song
From Album #8, Beat the Devil Out of You (1991). Performed by Hyo Jin Moon’s second son Shin Heung Moon.

3. 영원한 친구 – Eternal Friend
From Album #14, The Keeper (1993), and was written for Hyo Jin Moon’s younger brother Heung Jin Moon who ascended to the spirit world in 1984 at age of 17. Performed by Shin Heung Moon.

4. I Will Alway Treasure Your Love
From Album #2, Offering Songs (1989). Performed by Hyo Jin Moon’s oldest daughter Shin Yuh Moon.

5. 나의 인생 – My Life
From Album #10, Devil Grinder (1992). Performed by Shin Yuh Moon.

6. 재생 – Rebirth
From Hyo Jin Moon’s first album, Rebirth (1988). Hyo Jin Moon truly projects his deep love and heart to his parents in this song.

7. 기적소리 – Let It Blow
From Album #7, Paradise Before Heaven (1991). Performed by Shin Chul, Shin Heung and Shin Yuh Moon.

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