1st Songwriting Workshop - Düsseldorf

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From the 22nd until the 25th of November Unificationist musicians gathered to learn about, discuss and start writing new songs under the motto “Create." Each day had its own sub-theme:

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On the first evening, Kazuha Canak gave an introduction to the workshop motto: The reason and importance of creating—understanding that as children of God, our Heavenly Parent, we are co-creators. As artists (specifically musicians) we have the power and responsibility to shape the culture and society we live in through our music.

The focus of the second day was "Dare to create.” None of the participants was an active songwriter and therefore we took some time to break down the songwriting process, listen to some inspirations, and brainstorm potential themes for new songs. Afterwards we split up to start writing lyrics or coming up with chord progressions.

On the third day, Hans Campman shared some conclusions from his research on ‘Music in God’s Creation’ and ‘Music in God’s Providence’ from over the years. The participants were impressed to see the fascinating development and parallels in the history of music reflecting the preparation for the coming of the second advent.

This was also our last chance to work on the songs we started writing the day before. We kicked off the working-session by presenting our ideas with each other which inspired everyone to continue on their songs on their own or in groups.

The final day concluded with performing two out of the five songs that were being written over the weekend during Sunday Service:

A mash-up of the Holy Song 'Grace of the Holy Garden' with a new composition "Welcome" by Songman Wöllmer as its intro.


By Songman Wöllmer

It really matters that you came today
God wants you, God needs you
If you're feeling rather down and gray
Come and join us
Let us begin

A wonderful composition by Heidi Wakayama: "Let me be like a River"

Let me be like a river

By Heidi Wakayama

Let me be like a river
that rejects no other stream;
be it small, be it vast
be it flowing vividly.
On its way to the ocean
of greatest liberty
that‘s where God, my Heav’nly Parent wants to be.

Let me be like the wind
that caresses all the dreams
of the land Cheon Il Guk
that transfigures you and me.
On the way to that land
of greatest history
that‘s where God, my Heav’nly Parent wants to be.

It is me holding the key
to live in nature’s perfect harmony.

Let me be like the earth
that nurtures man and beasts;
that holds mountains and deserts
forest, fields, and oceans deep.
It’s the beauty in creation
revealing love to me
that‘s where God, my Heav’nly Parent wants to be.

Let me be like the fire
full of passion mightily;
giving warmth, giving light
to the world abundantly
in the core of the elements
hidden so deep
that‘s where God, my Heav’nly Parent, God my Heav’nly Parent,
that’s where God, my Heav’nly Parent wants to be.