The Cranes Piano Quartet

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The Cranes Piano Quartet consists of four young ladies and was founded in 2015 for the occasion of the launching of Cranes Club Europe.

The Cranes quartet started from the desire to perform together as sisters and close friends and a wish to bring a message of peace through music. We have the conviction that music and arts—as a universal language—can bring people of different backgrounds together.

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On February 23rd, 2019, we had the opportunity to perform in a beautiful catholic church in Büttgen, Germany. It was a wonderful experience, where we could connect with the people from the area. More projects to come: → concert in Austria. We would like to perform in further countries, hoping to play in France and possibly in Japan in the future.

Our wish is for the quartet to be a long-term, even life-long project of friendship and our musical ambitions.

Short intro/bio of each "Crane”

The Violinist: Rebecca PLANE

I was born in Kinshasa (DR Congo) from a German mother and a French father. After my family moved back to France, I started to learn the violin at the age of 8. My interest for classical music was sparked by my father who himself is an enthusiastic hobby musician. After finishing high school I decided to pursue my dream of becoming a professional violinist. During my studies in Paris I discovered early music and historical performance. My growing interest for the baroque repertoire led me to Austria where I completed a bachelor‘s and a master‘s degree with major baroque violin at the music universities of Linz and Salzburg.

Now I am settled in Vienna as a violin teacher as well as a violinist performing in diverse ensembles and orchestras.

Music is first and foremost a means to express myself on the one hand and to work on myself on the other, but it becomes most meaningful when shared with and performed for others.

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The Violinist: Harue PEHAM

I was born into a musical environment, whenever people ask me: "Where did you get this talent from?", the answer is simple: My mother. Playing the violin from the age of seven felt like the most natural thing, as one of my best friend started at the same time and we shared our lessons for several years. Music making had always a strong social connotation; for me, it meant seeing friends, playing in orchestras, being part of a great community. Through my violin, I met people I wouldn't have spoken to normally. My deepest relationships came about through music; it is where I feel at home. Doing music with my sisters was not an easily earned thing though; we had to grow up and learn how to work together. At this point, our friend Rebecca comes in. Through her objective perspectives, we strive to work together on a more professional level—and it bears fruits.

My passion has led me to study music therapy and violin education in Vienna. My dream is to combine my two fields, to help people express themselves creatively and be a good example myself. I want to end with a favorite quote of mine stemming from my favorite educator of music, Shinichi Suzuki:

Perhaps it is music that will save the world.

The Cellist: Marika PEHAM

Singing was my starting point with music. In our family at home, singing was part of everyday life and our free time was often filled with us kids recording stories and songs on cassette tapes and creating somewhat odd but catchy tunes together. With my two elder sisters being already quite immersed with their instruments, I often got the question: “And what do you want to play?”, which I answered with a shrug because I really didn't know. My father was the one who, seemingly out of the blue, suggested the cello for me and so I began, at the comparably late age of 9, with my first cello lessons. Now finding myself studying cello at the music university in Vienna, I can definitely say that my dad had a good sense of what worked well.

For me, being able to to create, to express and to share the passion (and fun!) for music has been the drive and reason why I love what I do- and I'm grateful to be able to do it alongside my sisters and friends.

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The Pianist: Rachel PEHAM

Hello, I’m Rachel Peham, I was born 1989 in Boston, Massachusetts, but my family returned to Austria - my father’s home country - when I was five.

I began my first piano lesson at the age of eight, but really started growing a passion for it a few years later, after a special teacher entered my life and introduced me to a trés lively perspective of the musical world (including quirky/bizarre John Cage at a fairly young age).

Fast forward, past sidetracks and detours from my music journey, I am and always will be striving to become better - as a musician and as a person.

In the future: I recently started taking lessons for church organ and am happy to be contributing in choir rehearsals, Sunday services and concerts and learning more about church music repertoire. This is also a great way to connect with new people in my new hometown in Germany, where I moved to almost a year ago to live with my husband.