Yujin's Winter Youth Camp 2019 Reflection

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By Yujin Jung, Germany (right)

Hello everyone!

Together with Katharina Bae, I participated in this year's Hyojeong Arts and Culture Youth Camp 2019, where young people met and prepared the musical for True Parents' Birthday Celebration on February 10, 2019.

It was my first time attending a musical workshop and in general a Korean workshop. I went into it without any idea or expectations. However, it completely exceeded my expectations and I’m really happy I had the opportunity to perform in front of and for True Mother.

Our morning schedules consisted of reading HDH in our room teams, breakfast, and lectures. We listened to topics such as True Parents’ life course, the DP, the Blessing and sometimes had discussions. The remaining time from lunch until bedtime we were rehearsing, practicing, dancing, and singing. It was physically and mentally exhausting to move so much, to concentrate for so long and to memorize the individual choreographies and songs everyday :D. I’ve never properly danced before and sometimes it wasn’t easy—but it was also fun to get to know the "dance world." We had alternating dancing and singing lessons every day. With 102 participants, it can sometimes be really difficult to be quiet and to concentrate. It certainly wasn’t easy for the teachers / staff. We went through this process for 38 days. In the beginning, I really thought that the days wouldn’t pass :D but in the end the workshop went by so fast!

It really wasn’t easy and there were many difficulties and hurdles that we had to go through as a group. One thing that was difficult which we failed at until the show, was perfectly standing in one line. There were a lot of choreographies in which we had to line up and we always got “scolded” by our dance teachers for not being able to perfectly stand in one line. But miraculously, we stood perfectly in line during the performance! We all realized that God was with us and that together we finally became one as a team!

The feeling on stage is really overwhelming that I can’t describe in words. You could just feel the "Shimjeong" / the love of True Mother. It’s not the first time that I perform in front of True Mother but every time it’s really touching and an unforgettable feeling. The efforts and difficulties that have built up during the workshop all vanish at that moment and we were really proud of ourselves for having participated in this musical.

I can really recommend this workshop to anyone interested in music, art, culture and dance! You do not necessarily have to be talented in these areas. As long as you’re motivated and interested, it’s enough to participate!