Hyo Jeong Youth Orchestra Inauguration

This post is based on the article “Hyo Jeong Youth Orchestra Opening Ceremony” from the True Peace Magazine—November 6, 2018

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After the successful 'The Hope' concert with Paul Potts and The Little Angels on August 27, 2018, David Eaton, Chairman of the Hyo Jeong Music Subcommittee, was asked by True Mother to invest into a local Youth Orchestra in Gapyeong, Korea.

Therefore, on November 4, 2018 at the Cheong-A Camp auditorium in Seorak, Korea, the Music Subcommittee inaugurated the Hyo Jeong Youth Orchestra project that began with a concert which included several students and faculty members. So far 87 students have signed up for instruction.

In addition to the musical component of the project, there will be an educational component as well. Professor Mi Ran Kim, who teaches at the Sun Hwa Arts School in Seoul, and Mr. Dugk Hun Cho, Director of the Korea Multicultural Peace Federation, are creating an internal guidance curriculum based on True Parents words concerning art and culture. Principled education will be a significant aspect of the Hyo Jeong Youth Orchestra.

As part of the HJ Youth Orchestra festivities there were several musical performance by students and faculty members. Two young violinists, brothers Chan Hee and Chan Woo Moon, performed Jacques Offenbach’s Can Can, and Shuji Hata delighted the audience with a solo guitar performance of Phantom of the Opera. David Eaton then led the faculty orchestra in several songs with vocalists Eun Chae Lee, who sang Nella Fantasia, and Yasuko Sakada and Mi Ran Kim performed a duet of the well-known Korean song, Ma Bop Eh Sung (Magic Castle). Yeunhee Chang was a featured soloist on her soprano saxophone in Nella Fantasia.  

The HJYO faculty will include Angelica Birdsong and Min Jin Cho (violin), Yuh Jin Choi (viola), Jun Suk Hwang (cello), Michiko Watabe and Kumiko Kitaoko (flute), Junko Suzuki (clarinet), Shuji Hata (guitar), Yun Gun Kwak (drums and percussion), Mi Ran Kim and Eun Chea Lee (vocals), and David Eaton will lead the HJ youth orchestra. The HJYO staff will include Yeunhee Chang, Ji Ae Shingok and Eriko Kubo. Music lessons will take place daily and the HJ Youth Orchestra will provide instruments and rehearsal facilities in the Cheong-A Camp that is located near the Global Peace Center.

True Mother’s aim is to create a new cultural center in the Cheong Pyeong Lake campus that will function as a concert hall, a theater & movie venue, a recording studio, a music academy, dance studio and martial arts school. The Cheong-A Camp facility will be the primary location for this vision. Moreover, there is an plan to have summer arts workshops that will educate artists in the ways of Divine Principle and Unification Thought’s Theory of Art, while providing expertise in music, dance, sound engineering, film-making and martial arts. Students will also perform in the local community as part of an outreach effort in conjunction with the local churches and Tribal Messiahs.

First week of lessons and rehearsals at the Hyo Jeong Youth Orchestra: